Monday, April 10, 2006

Saudi Arabia - the place to be

Can you imagine a tourist campaign to lure travellers to the desert kingdom ?

Saudi Arabia has so many appealing features, like the misogynistic laws to protect wife-beating husbands:

according to law, wives cannot report domestic abuse by husbands to the police.
And, with a new 900km "security" fence to keep those nasty immigrants out:
SAUDI ARABIA has invited bids for the construction of a security fence along the entire length of its 900km (560mile) desert border with Iraq in a multimillion-pound project that will attract interest from British defence companies.
The barrier is part of a package to secure the Kingdom’s 6,500km of borders in an attempt to improve internal security and bolster its defences against external threats.
AND.. they are pursuing nuclear weapons (only for defensive purposes I'm sure, just in case those pesky neocons and Zionists attack):
DOHA, Qatar, April 9 (UPI) — Kuwaiti researcher Abdullah al-Nufaisi told a seminar in Doha, Qatar, that Saudi Arabia is preparing a nuclear program, the Middle East Newsline reported.
Its becoming obvious that the medieval mindset is kicking in and the Al-Saud clan are trying to fence themselves in and turn their country into a wife-beating, minority-free, Islamic gulag. With huge fences and restrictions on immigration and freedom of speech, Western culture is not allowed to spread to this region of the earth.

At the moment, no country resembles hell on earth more than North Korea, but I can't see how Saudi Arabia is any better. North Korea, with its arsenal of nuclear weapons, is a sworn enemy of the US, Japan and pretty much all free capitalist countries. Why on earth does the US consider the Saudi monarchy its' ally ?