Thursday, January 04, 2007

Feeding the hand that bites you...

Often, the saying usually goes the other way around. Its used to describe when a party turns against another who has been a true ally, friend or supporter.

This new saying of mine goes to the equally stupid and moronic strategy of trying to appease, placate, support and encourage another party which has been acting as an enemy. And that award goes to the US State Department, who continue to support regimes across the world who are less than friendly to the US government, or US population.

The latest Palestinian Media Watch update reports of how Fatah, often referred to as the moderate political party by Reuters, NY Times, AP and European/Arab leaders, openly boast that they hate America even more than Al-Qaeda and wish Al-Qaeda the best of luck in hurting George Bush. This comes immediately after the American government just poured another $50m of foreign aid down Fatah's throat and attempted to further support them to govern the Palestinian people.