Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ted Kennedy - supreme ignoramus

I've just viewed video footage of senator Ted Kennedy putting forward a passionate, no.. an enraged and fiery sermon, literally screaming at Republicans for opposing an increase in the minimum wage.

This is a brilliant case study. A perfect specimen of a phenomenon that is so accurately portrayed by this video footage. This is the true embodiment, the pinnacle of left wing, self-righteousness. I am often convinced that advocates for socialist policies, including the minimum wage, government run education, government run health, welfare and redistributive taxes, are doing so because they think they have a monopoly on compassion, and that all people who disagree with them are doing so out of greed and selfishness and even contempt for poor and suffering people.

It is precisely because of compassion for poor and struggling people, for the sick and elderly, for the people who have to support families, that I support unlimited free trade and unregulated markets.

Ted Kennedy, chooses to ignore all the logic and evidence against socialist policies. Rather than try to put forward an intellectual case for the minimum wage, simply lashes out at Republicans, going red in the face whilst yelling the following:

"What is the price you want from the working men and women!?"

"When does the greed stop!?"

"Do you have such disdain for such hard working Americans that you wan't to pile your amendments on top of this?"

" What is it about it that drives you Republicans crazy ?!"

" What is it about working men and women that you find so offensive ?!?!?"