Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Palestinians mourn the death of Saddam

Along with the Associate Press, the ABC and many other left-wing media outlets, the Palestinians are very upset over the death of their favorite tyrant, Saddam Hussein. Check out this image from AP, and see how they have butchered the English language in the caption.

Caption: A young boy holds a toy gun as a Palestinian man, right, speaks behind a portrait of late Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein at a memorial in the Dahaysha Refugee Camp in the West Bank town of Bethlehem,Sunday, Dec. 31, 2006. Hundreds of Palestinians flocked to the streets of the West Bank on Sunday to mourn the death of Saddam Hussein, setting up condolence tents and bemoaning the fate of their steadfast ally. (AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos)

Firstly.. this is no toy gun as is plain to see. Secondly, despite the mainstream media and UN's insistence, does this look like a "refugee camp" to you ? Where are the makeshift tents and red cross barracks ?

If anyone follows the media coverage, they begin to see that every Palestinian village that is infested with terrorist groups and armed fanatics is typically referred to as a "refugee camp". Despite the fact that Palestinians have been living there for decades, they somehow manage to maintain the label "refugee camp" to evoke worldwide sympathy for a population who are hell-bent on violent terrorism and confrontation with all outsiders. Hence the affection towards Saddam.

I doubt the AP will be issuing a correction anytime soon.