Thursday, January 18, 2007

O-BA-MA runs for Prez !

The media has been buzzing with frenzied speculation after U.S Democrat senator Barack Obama declared he would run for President in '08.

Many Democrats and large swathes of the media are elated, seeing him as a much more moderate and likeable candidate, especially compared to Hillary. He seems promising, optimistic, articulate and very moderate in his opinions. He claims that he has the ability to overcome the bitter feuding between the two parties and be a uniter. And the media are swallowing this whole.

In truth, he is fairly new and not very well known. The general population may not feel as excited as the Hollywood types and media talking heads are. Nonetheless, the media are doing their best to hype him up:

His candidacy is likely to appeal to the party's grassroots voters, who play an influential role in the primary contests. His star has risen on the force of his personality and message of hope - helped along by celebrity endorsements from the likes of Oprah Winfrey, billionaire investor Warren Buffett and actors Matt Damon and Edward Norton.
Its just like Team America... where would the stupid common folk be if not for the benign wisdom of Hollywood billionaires ?

But.. alas.. Many of his ideas aren't brilliant at all.
In 1996, he was elected to the Illinois state Senate, where he earned a reputation as a consensus-building Democrat who was strongly liberal on social and economic issues, backing gay rights, abortion rights, gun control, universal healthcare and tax breaks for the poor.
What the #!@# are "abortion rights" ?! And gun control ? What country does he think he is in, Sweden ? Americans with any sense of history and liberty won't stand for such a gross violation of their constitution. Universal healthcare is a disaster waiting to happen, despite what critics suggest, America already is running a massively bloated public health industry, it will take decades to wean the public off these wasteful and inferior services and allow private markets to flourish and provide decent health care.

He has a history that may certainly put off social conservatives. Oh well.. good luck, he'll need it.

He can now expect operatives from rival campaigns - not least from inside the Clinton camp, to be digging feverishly for dirt.

He has admitted in an earlier book to having taken marijuana and cocaine in his youth.