Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lebanon burns.. Mainstream media yawns

Riots have broken out across Beirut, the Lebanese capital. In fact, many people are saying that civil war has returned. Hezbollah started the riots, calling for a "strike" against the government. They have attacked cars and commuters, burnt tyres, smashed vehicles and blocked roads.

The result is more devastating than the damage Israel did last July. as it used precision air raids against Hezbollah buildings in Southern Beirut.

As one commenter cleverly said - it looks like Paris. The Lebanese army is out to stop the Hezbollah protesters from blocking roads and burning more tyres.

I urge all readers to head over to Michael Totten's blog and read his excellent coverage of life in Lebanon, with news updates of the violent riots started by Hezbollah and pro-Syrian Palestinian groups such as the DFLP.

More photos here