Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Greens hang out with Fatah

On her recent taxpayer funded trip to an imaginary state called "Palestine", Green senator Kerry Nettle brings us her holiday pics where she can be seen hanging out with one of the most corrupt, holocaust denying thugs to ever lord it over the palestinians. This is a perfect display of how all extremist ideologies tend to meet and converge (otherwise known as Blair's Law).

My fellow Australians - behold your tax dollars at work.

Its worrying enough that moonbat Kerry Nettle is only sympathetic to every Palestinian she encounters, and eager to photograph their suffering and voice their grievances. Forget the fact that she simply didn't visit, write, photograph or describe a single Jewish person or Israeli city in her account. What bothers me is her very presence.

Aren't the Greens supposed to.. you know.. focus on environmental issues ?
Well.. I suppose you could justify the trip on environmental grounds.. looks like she spent some time documenting the genocide of innocent olive trees below.

The caption reads: Olive trees uprooted to build the wall now on display on the main street of Bethelehem near the Nativity Church. Many tourists walk this street.

The world's smallest violin is playing for you right now Kerry.