Wednesday, September 27, 2006

But wouldn't you want welfare if you were in need ?

I remember being asked this question by a welfarist, in response to my fierce criticism of the monstrosity that is the Australian welfare system.

Well.. yeah. I'd like free money, sounds good. Especially if I were out of a job, yeah a centrelink payment has a nice emotional appeal to me.

Hang on. No, I've changed my mind. Remember back to all those years that I *was* working and earning money. Hmmm, nearly half of the taxes I had taken from me went towards this welfare system we maintain. Geez, I've only been working 5 years, but I would have .. at least 6 months extra salary in my pocket if we didn't pay for Centrelink !

Would I rather have the extra savings, or, the $200 - $300 a fortnight that Centrelink can give me ?

( The answer is pretty obvious, unless I plan to deliberately stay unemployed for years and years )