Monday, September 25, 2006

Palestinians wants murderers released

The Palestinians are surely the most barbaric culture in our times. Their so-called "moderate" Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas, has proposed Israel release 2 convicted terrorists from prison in exchange for the release of young Israeli hostage, Gilad Shalit.

The 2 Palestinians have been convicted of extreme political terrorism and murderous acts of violence. But thats no obstacle to Palestinians, they love a bit of good murder and bloodshed. Hezbollah were just as bad when they demanded the release of Samir Kuntar, a man who was part of a terror gang that murdered an Israeli family and he personally smashed the head of a child in with a rifle butt.

Back to today's story, the Australian run with the whitewashed headline "Palestinians propose prisoner swap". Its a bit sickening, could you imagine modern German society demanding the release of former Nazi party members ? Or Australian society demanding the release of Martin Bryant (behind the Port Arthur massacre) ?

Yet Palestinians cannot get enough of their murdererous genocidal bastards. No act of depravity is too low, inhuman, debased or beyond the pale for the Palestinian cult of death.

Barghuti, the West Bank Fatah leader and the man regarded as the inspiration behind the Palestinian intifada, was sentenced to five life terms for murder by an Israeli court in June 2004.

Israel blames Saadat for the murder of Israeli tourism minister Rehavam Zeevi. He has been held in the Jericho prison under US and British supervision since August 2002, after his Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed the 2001 killing.