Monday, September 18, 2006

Reaction to the pope's words

Last week, the pope criticised Islam as being somewhat militant, missionary and violent. I could already sense the storm brewing. Just as millions of Muslims became enraged during the Danish cartoon controversy (139 people killed worldwide), I would expect a huge and violent backlash against the accusations that Islam is violent. Here's a roundup of the threats so far:

  • Iraq’s Mujahedeen Army has posted a message on the internet threatening Pope Benedict XVI with a suicide attack.
Gotta love this comment by Waleed Aly:

The response is to bomb five churches in the West Bank, and attack the door of another in Basra. In India, angry mobs burn effigies of Pope Benedict. In Somalia, Sheikh Abu Bakr Hassan Malin urges Muslims to “hunt down” the Pope and kill him, while an armed Iraqi group threatens to carry out attacks against Rome and the Vatican.

There. That’ll show them for calling us violent.