Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sean Penn is an assclown

If there's one thing that Team America taught us, its that world famous millionairre actors don't necessarily have the best political insights. Sean Penn, the man who declared Iraq to be free of WMDs after a 1 week stay there, is setting the bar high for standards of stupidity:

TORONTO: Actor Sean Penn wasted little time unleashing his volatile political views on the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday, calling US President George W.Bush "a Beelzebub".

Penn was promoting All the King's Men, a story of a well-meaning politician who is eventually corrupted by power and money.

The actor - an outspoken critic of Mr Bush - said the President was a "Beelzebub - and a dumb one".

Penn's comments came as the controversial British film Death of a President, a fictional documentary showing the assassination of Mr Bush, had its first public showing at the Toronto festival, receiving mild applause.