Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Government sanctioned theft

Property rights are usually a core element of a modern functioning society. This has been the accepted universal truth for over a century. Property rights should be upheld by common law.

But in these modern times where the state grows to unprecedented size, and intrudes into our lives more than ever before, signs of tyranny and oppression emerge throughout the western world. Governments have relentlessly expanded their powers to steal an individuals rightful property, whether it be increased taxes, regulation and legislation.

The latest outrage is the so-called "anti-hoon laws" in Victoria which allow police officers, at the slightest whim, to impound or permanently confiscate motor vehicles. The legislation has no safeguards, it simply allows the officer to make a judgement call and steal a person's vehiclewhenever he determines the person is driving "in a reckless manner".

So once again, motor vehicle owners are being demonised and oppressed by the authoritarian Bracks government.