Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The war on conspiracy theories

Forget the war on terror, the battle for civilization in this century should be called the war against conspiracy theories, indoctrination and propaganda.

Take a look at the evidence for 9-11. The evidence is irrefutable. The video footage shows the damage. The thousands of separate newspaper reports, photographs, accounts, audio clips. The reports of casualities, the stories of the passengers on United 93. The damage to the pentagon, the damage and collapse of the WTC. As sure as the sun shines, it happened.

Then look at who the perpetrators are. 19 hijackers, affiliated with Al-Qaeda, were identified. Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility. Just as Al-Qaeda were behind the 1993 WTC carpark bombing. Last week, a video of Bin Laden with the hijackers emerged.

Anyone who cares to dispute these fundamental facts, realities and truths, clearly has problems with their critical and rational thought process. Several radical theories have been proposed, each of them so elaborate and intricate, each of them ignoring the core facts and realities of 9-11. How is it that individual humans, supposedly with the ability to think for themselves, can ignore the truth and pursue a line of reasoning that borders on mental illness ?

9-11 conspiracy theories are as abominable as holocaust denial. And I think that there a few people out there who peddle these theories for political purposes. Hugo Chavez, the socialist tyrant of Venezuela, just needs another reason to hate the western world and America. Rather than acknowledge that America was the victim of a savage inhuman act of war, he has concocted this fantasy:

VENEZUELAN President Hugo Chavez asserted today that the United States could have orchestrated the September 11 attacks five years ago to justify its invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mr Chavez, who regularly accuses the Bush Administration of planning to invade Venezuela and plotting to overthrow or assassinate him, offered no evidence to support his assertions.

How sick is this mindset ? How can the population of Venezuela tolerate such a lunatic as their president ? How can he govern effectively when he can't acknowledge reality ? For those moral relativists on the left who wish to ignore this form of insanity, and think that Chavez is just another leader like Bush, Blair and Howard, ask yourself this:

Imagine the furore if a western leader in a free country with an open media and free speech said that kind of thing ?