Monday, September 04, 2006

Murderers portrayed as saints

The sensitive progressive folks at the Age have put together a piece of garbage that takes journalism to new depths. Glorification of Hezbollah terrorism, coupled with quotes from the Hezbollah spokesman, show that the Age really want the West to lose the fight against Islamic fascism.

WHEN Battoul Kaawar, 28, was told her husband died fighting for Hezbollah last month, friends and family flocked to her Beirut apartment to congratulate her.

While the young mother was overcome with grief, she had to reconcile herself with the strong belief in the Shiite Muslim community that her husband died a saintly death.

"It was a very precious person that I lost," said Ms Kaawar, sitting next to her wide-eyed son Ali, 6, who was carrying a toy gun. "But I am happy because my husband got what he always yearned for. Martyrdom is something we see as sacred, it opens a door to paradise."

The community believes martyrs go directly to heaven and their wives are venerated because of their sacrifice. "The wife of a martyr is like Jennifer Lopez to us," said Mohammed Husseini, spokesman for Hezbollah's Martyrs' Association illustrating how widows are admired.

The association takes sole care of the families when the martyrs die, providing a salary, free education and health care. "We take the place of the father in supporting the family and raising the family," Mr Husseini said.



"Our belief and way of dealing with the wives is: yes, we are happy and proud of them. But (we do give them) space to express grief," said the head of the large counselling team, a doctor who requested anonymity because of Hezbollah's image as a terrorist organisation.

Gee why might that be ? Thanks for showing us the sensitive side of Hezbollah, The Age want us to believe they are invaluable because they do important social work. Jaspan should be fired now.