Tuesday, October 03, 2006

If the shoe fits....

Kofi Annan's incompetent reign of terror (and of error) as the head of the world's largest bureaucratic political organisation ends December 31st. The favorite candidate for his replacement is Ban-Ki Moon.

Hmm, first let's take a look at the South Korean foreign minister, his accomplishments and his track record. Could he be the one to salvage the UN ?

In March, South Korea announced that it would treble its foreign aid budget by 2008. The coincidence in timing between the increase in South Korea's foreign aid outlays and Ban's bid for the top job at the UN prompted UN-watchers to investigate exactly which countries were recipients of South Korean largesse. It turns out that the money was used to wheedle various Security Council members into voting for Ban.
Unsurprisingly, most of the money went to Tanzania and Ghana, both members of the UN Security Council. Both countries' support is crucial for Ban Ki-Moon's success, he requiring nine members of the Secretary General to support his candidacy.


Ban previously distinguished himself as a fierce critic of U.S. policies regarding the Korean peninsula
Seeking to balance against a rising Japan, rather than issue a stern condemnation of North Korea's destabilizing missile tests, the official South Korean reaction was to say that, "There is no reason to fuss over this ... like Japan, but every reason to do the opposite." Ban has been at the forefront of attempts to play down the North Korean menace, to excuse its every act, and to shift focus and attention to Japan, a historical enemy of Koreans.
Well, this guy is a real opportunist and political player. Although a fierce critic of the US, he is willing to coddle up to their diplomats to get their backing for his UN leadership. With a history of bribery and appeasing the most lunatic regime on the planet (North Korea) whilst demonising democratic and peaceful Japan, he surely will take the UN down the same dark path as Kofi and his cohorts.