Friday, October 27, 2006

Your money down the toilet

Thank you Mr Bracks, I love being robbed. Please, here is my wallet, take everything you need to build useless dumbass feel-good projects. Wind energy is such a miserable failure that no private business in their right mind would invest money in it expecting a decent competitive market return. But hey, no project is too stupid for government to throw your taxes at.


$600m wind farm gets go-ahead

THE largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere - able to power a small city - has been approved from the Victorian government.

AGL will build the $600 million wind farm at Macarthur in the state's west. Planning Minister Rob Hulls said the 183-turbine farm, spread over 55sq km, would have the capacity to generate up to 329 megawatts of electricity.

Mr Hulls said the electricity generated would be enough to power almost 190,000 homes every year.

"The approval at the Macarthur wind farm shows that the Bracks' government is certainly taking climate change seriously," he told reporters.