Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Up yours Steve Bracks

No more civil discourse from me.

Piss off you authoritarian socialist do-gooder. Stay out of my damn life. Get lost. Its none of your bloody business how or where I purchase my water from. You are making life more expensive for all of us, including the poor and the struggling families. Go to hell you social engineer. Get out of our lives. We need water, its as important as life itself.

If industry found it more efficient to purchase different kinds of water supply for its use, let them be the judges of that. Instead of doing what a government should do best - defending our rights and policing against violence, theft and coercion, the stupidity and meddling of Bracks in every detail of our lives gives us this:

Water costs to rise under Vic supply plans

Melburnians will pay more for their water under a Victorian Government plan to secure the city's long-term water supplies.

The Premier, Steve Bracks, says the plan's centrepiece is a $2.5 billion proposal to pipe Melbourne's treated waste water to the La Trobe Valley power plants.

"You can replace industry use of drinking water, free that drinking water up for the wider population," he said.

The Government will spend $300 million on upgrading the Eastern Treatment Plant to recycle the water, but it is waiting for a business case study before it decides whether to pump it to the power stations.

The Nationals leader, Peter Ryan, has questioned the Government's timing.

"This is Labor at work with 38 days before an election, they've had seven years to plan all this," he said.

The plan will push up the cost of water by 7 per cent over the next 10 years.