Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mid-east shuttle diplomacy in action

Headlines have been buzzing about Condoleeza Rice's visit to the Mid East this week, where she will focus her efforts on pressuring Iran to abandon its nuclear program, the Palestinians to recognise Israel and cease hostilities and also the implementation of UN Resolution 1701 so UNIFIL can prevent Hezbollah from re-occupying southern Lebanon and re-deploying thousands of rockets.

As influential as she may be, and despite the fact that she represents the United States, the world's superpower, this is all just one big pointless publicity stunt to show the world that they are trying to end conflicts.

Hezbollah want Israeli blood. Hamas want Israeli blood. Iran wants Israeli blood.

On the other side, the Israeli people wants to survive.

How do you mediate or resolve such a conflict with diplomacy ? Since Bill Clinton's massive efforts, the Oslo accords, countless UN resolutions, road maps to peace, EU and UN resolutions, it hasn't helped prevent a single conflict.

Many journalists, especially in Europe and the Arab world, are now sitting quietly ignoring the news, ignoring the past record of genocidal thugs, and sit ready at their keyboards to condemn and bash Israel when it is finally forced to use its military to respond. This creates an illusion that Israel is making the bad headlines. But take a look at the disastrous events of this week, and they barely receive any headlines.

The UNIFIL soldiers, nor the Lebanese army will not attack Hezbollah. Hezbollah have rapidly re-occupied key strategic positions in Southern Lebanon and Syria is shipping rockets and military technology to their bases in Southern Lebanon. Hamas terrorists have refused to recognise Israel and are now in a low level civil war with the Fatah terrorists. Iran continues its belligerent stance against the West, determined to acquire nuclear weapons. And North Korea is on the brink of setting off a nuclear device.