Monday, October 02, 2006

Steve Bracks and the Victorian ALP are authoritarian

In 2009, the Victorian ALP have stupidly and stubbornly decided to ban the sale of free plastic bags to consumers. Without providing any studies or reports as justification for this intrusive socialist policy, they have arrogantly announced it with the implicit assumption that "its good for us and good for the environment".

Clearly, attacking one of todays biggest conveniences is not going to be good for us. It will particularly be an attack on poor families who benefit the most from plastic bags at retailers. An article in The Australian has some mild criticism for the policy, from an effectiveness viewpoint, but doesn't go far enough.

Under our social democracy, the only way to keep the claws of government out of our lives is to lobby the government aggressively. So hopefully there will be a big backlash against our statist authoritarian elites in the Victorian ALP who claim they have the right to take away our freedoms in our interest.