Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Worst.. movie.. ever

This is supposed to be a sci-fi, and in the early parts of the film, it mirrors Minority Report with its style and concept. It also seems to rip off themes from Total Recall, mainly that the main character is a brilliant engineer who loses his memories.

In the future society, this inventor signs work contracts with a huge corporation, which specify that after developing some brilliant patentable invention for them, he agrees to have his short term memories erased so that the company can monopolise his intellectual property.

After setting down this premise in the first 30 minutes, one would expect a decent film. What followed was a disastrous mess full of plot holes, nonsense, Ben Affleck looking confused and angry, unlikely twists and turns and my pet peeve - unnecessary action scenes.

You've gotta hate those movies where the hero is made to look like a brilliant escape artist who consistently outwits his evil enemies, when there is usually a simple way for him to win his battle. Ben Affleck invents a machine for an evil corporation that predicts the future. He realises it has to be destroyed, and then has his memories wiped, plants all these little objects and clues for himself to remember what his mission is and re-infiltrate the laboratory to destroy the evil machine, when all along, he could have just blown it up before going through the worst hour of film and plot-holes ever.

Anyone seen the movie The Net ? Or The Island ? These movies are full of unnecessary action scenes and involves the main characters running for their lives and outsmarting the big bad guys. In both movies, its beyond believable, and also the viewer tends to notice that the main characters could have succeeded by doing things in a simpler and easier way. Well this movie is like stupidity on steroids.

Many reviewers have torn this movie to shreds on Rotten Tomatoes. If you watch this movie, your brain will turn to mush and leak out through your ears.

1 / 10