Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The people's news !

Praise be to the Pyongyang Chronicles !

I finally found a media outlet more left-wing than the ABC or The Age. They have a wonderful in-depth analysis of what Australian society is "really" like (sarcasm intended for the clueless).

Fascism Rising in Australia

Although its government does not release official numbers, it is estimated that 30% of Australians, mostly minorities like the ones pictured above, are living in poverty.

Fascism is rising at an alarming rate around the world, and the previously peaceful state of Australia is just another case of a country engulfed in those hateful people of the extreme right. Ever since the beginning of imperialist America's genocidial wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Australian government has been shipping off their citizens to die battling a war that they cannot win. It is also rumoured that many of these being sent to war are immigrants and lower-class white citizens, leading many to believe that the country wants to purge itself of what it terms to be "undesireables".

Gee.. those North Korean journalists are an insightful crowd. They've really got their finger on the pulse. Oops, I better watch out, or else the fascist police will drag me away. Life is so tough under the jackboot of oppressive Johnny Howard, the imperialist lapdog that he is ! Save us Australians from the rising tide of elitism and fascism !
Soon there will be boatloads of us refugees heading to the workers utopia of North Korea, a true democracy !