Thursday, November 09, 2006

Andrew Sullivan is off the rails

This post delves into moonbat territory. Andrew Sullivan, one of the most prominent supporters of the Iraq war, has now flipped and called Rumsfeld a war criminal, and said he has "blood on his hands". I wrote a letter to Andrew Sullivan as follows:

Andrew, I think you've crossed the line with your assessment. In fact I think you've pole-vaulted over it.

The biggest supporters of Rumsfeld usually identify themselves as Republicans or conservatives, and the biggest opponents are usually leftists and liberals. But I'm not going to partake in the whole debate of whether you are a conservative or not.

I'm simply going to say that your assessment and attitude towards Rumsfeld is totally unhinged and off the rails. For a long time, the moonbats have been crying that Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rice were all war criminals. Are you going to join in now ? How long before you slap the war criminal label on Bush or Condi ?

Another disturbing expression of yours - "Rumsfeld has blood on his hands". That is an incredible backflip by you. You were one of the most prominent supporters of the Iraq war. Even before the first bullet had been fired, the deranged left who were diametrically opposed to your viewpoint, were making the comments you've made today. At what point in time did you suddenly shift enough to start calling Rumsfeld a war criminal with blood on his hands ?

On a more general note, I do not believe that in general, more troops and better management would have guaranteed any kind of success. Iraq is, as you mentioned, a post-totalitarian society. There is simply no civilised political discourse, or even respect for human rights. Their political system is based upon tribal violence and bloodshed. Their culture is world's apart from the Japanese and Germans.

If hypothetically, you had increased troop levels, you would also expose more Americans to risk and bloodshed, so would you be saying that Rumsfeld has even more blood on his hands ? Lets wait and see changes in policy occur now after the midterms. Perhaps you will get what you ask for and extra troops will be deployed. Don't hold your breath waiting for peace to flourish.