Monday, November 27, 2006

Bracks wins Victorian elections

Four more years.
After being elected in 1999, Bracks will be one of the longest serving Victorian premiers ever. His relentless spending increases and increasing the public sector's army of bureaucrats is a bad sign for those who love freedom.
Despite the goverment's interference, the economy has still grown consistently. But Steve Bracks seems to think that it is because of government's meddling and wasteful intervention that an economy remains strong.
"The provision of better services for Victoria, a strong economy, a strong budget and putting the proceeds back to work for Victoria. The challenge of climate change was paramount in the campaign," he said, spelling out his future agenda.
And more money plans to be thrown at other feel-good concepts, and he also plans to fight the freedom given to Australians under the new industrial relations laws.
"Going for a low-carbon future and making sure we cut greenhouse gas emissions, and the challenge of standing up against the industrial relations system of the Federal Government, which is going to hurt working families and young people around the state.
Nothing pisses off an authoritarian, socialist bureaucrat like Bracks more than giving people the freedom to choose.