Friday, November 17, 2006

Useful idiot award goes to...

The term "useful idiot" is one of my favorite to apply to some of todays most crazed leftists. Wikipedia describes it as:

In political jargon, the term "useful idiot" was used during the Cold War by anti-communists to describe Soviet sympathizers in western countries (particularly in the United States) and the alleged attitude of the Soviet government towards them.
So in modern parlance, useful idiots would refer to people who actively ally themselves with enemies of the West and its values, or try to take negative steps and react viciously to all efforts by the West to defend its values or its security. Useful idiots are busy going about promoting "solidarity" with hostile anti-Western regimes, like Hamas, Hezbollah, or the governments of Venezuela, Cuba, Iran or sometimes even North Korea. They are also busy opposing any Western military strength or strategic efforts against these hostile regimes, and definately against the war on terror.

Now that I've cleared that up ...

The Melbourne Indymedia freaks have come out of their caves and headed out today to protest the G20 conference in the city. One of them put this post up to describe their actions:

On Friday morning the Mutiny Collective and other assorted bodies did two short direct action disruptions to business in Melbourne Town.

First target was Tenix Corporation who are involved in Defense projects and production. Their office was infiltrated and disrupted for 5 minutes, during which discussion were held with the staff about the nature of their work, the nature of the G20 and the MPH campaign.

They were largely amused and appreciated the break from monotony (as spoken to myself by one of the guys in a "training session").
Surreptiously, glitter was sprinkled on the floor and little war figurines were superglued to less obvious surfaces.

Great.. they spent their efforts demonising a company that develops defence technology which ends up in the safe hands of democratic and free Western militaries. So perhaps.. just maybe they have a set of consistent beliefs whereby they oppose all violence and military technology ?

Where were the protests against the Indonesian madrassas and Islamic schools that brainwashed youths into performing the Bali bombings that murdered 88 Australians on holiday? Or protests against Australian Islamic leaders who explicitly support Hamas and Hezbollah ?
The second action was directed at the Army Recruitment office where we were met with force (lol) by some beefcake plainclothes workers who were quite proactive and agressive in attempting to eject us.

More glitter was seen floating through the air, "Dunno Mate, I just work here" and rifle stickers were put up, and general chaos was created by bodies going left and right and Bear Hugs being offered by the workers. (they are employed to Love, after all). The Police were called immediately.

People disappeared into the warren and a lot more people were forcibly ejected into the lift foyer by the workers. When all were accounted for, we discovered that despite holding elevators open, they had been shut down by the building security.

These useful idiots really don't like our army and military. They just want us to hold hands and sing kumbaya. Or throw glitter. What a waste of human energy.