Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Stop meddling in Australian affairs, Bono

First it was Tony Blair and Al Gore telling our government what to do, now its U2. Either stick to music and entertainment, or go home, you dumbass !

The Irish super group's frontman, Bono, raised the Hicks case during last night's concert at the Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre in Brisbane.

"We call for David Hicks to be brought back to Australia," he said.
Ok.. its not that I'm against him having an opinion. He is free to form opinions. What bothers me is that when the US ambassador, or George W Bush praise John Howard, the left wing intelligentsia say that they are interfering in our politics and they should butt out.

But when world leaders espouse left wing opinions and try to lobby our government to pour more funds into feelgood things like "the environment", the SMH, the ABC and The Age absolutely love it and echo the opinions loudly and proudly, as if its an indicator of how the ruthless Howard government (that has won 4 elections mind you!) is really out of touch.

I think its Bono who is out of touch with reality. Nobody cares for stupid Taliban supporting David Hicks, what the hell was the idiot doing in Afghanistan anyway !??