Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How the Greens butcher the English language

Lets take an objective description of events. Government *reduces* the level of industrial and workplace regulation through reforms, and allows for greater freedom in negotiating employment terms.

Previously, there was a greater level of regulation and hence greater government control over the industry.

So when the regulation is reduced, what does the leader of the Greens pronounce ? Well nothing less than an Orwellian inversion of truth:

THE High Court's decision upholding the Federal Government's workplace laws gave the Commonwealth enormous powers, Australian Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

The High Court today dismissed an appeal by five state governments and two unions against the Work Choices legislation.

But Senator Brown said Prime Minister John Howard was "cherry-picking" corporations power to aid big business against the whole Australian community.

He then continues to ramble about this amorphous concept called "the environment", with no regard whatsoever for individuals, freedom, liberty, opportunity and choice. What an elitist prick.
"The corporations power is being used to take away workers' rights at the same time as the Howard Government is returning environmental controls to the states, to avoid its corporations power responsibilities for the environment," he said.

"The High Court decision clearly gives the Commonwealth enormous powers over policy on climate change, logging of forests and such land use as cotton growing and urban sprawl.

"But the Howard Government is busy divesting itself of this responsibility," he said.