Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How the left despise democracy

Let me remind readers once again - when an American diplomat or politician heaps praise on John Howard, the left wing go hysterical saying that they are meddling in our affairs and undermining our sovereignty.

So.. does everyone see a bit of intellectual dishonesty when one of the left's leading writers, Johann Hari, screams out loud for the "international community" to intervene in Israeli politics and isolate the government for being too right wing ?

But Avigdor Lieberman is a logo for all this at its most extreme, and today he is only a few bullets away from the Premiership. For the sake of the Palestinians, for the sake of Israel itself, now is the time for the world to jolt Israel, just as we jolted Austria back from its dark dance with the far right. But given how muted the world's reaction has been to the collective punishment of Gaza and the destruction of Lebanon, what are the odds of that?
Johann is clearly happy to align himself with fanatical and tyrannical regimes throughout the Middle East and Africa, and call himself a member of this "international community". Therefore all the democratic western nations like Britain, Australia, USA and especially Israel should not be allowed to exercise democracy if it results in the election of politicians that do not grovel and appease these anti-liberal and undeveloped masses.

Basically, its the same underlying theme behind the reason why the left get so hysterical when George Bush or John Howard win an election - they say democracy is a failure when it doesn't suit them and result in a left wing victory.