Tuesday, March 28, 2006

British PM is full of crap

Tony Blair is in town, to tell us Aussies what to do:

In a stance which undermines Labor's support for the Kyoto Protocol, the British Prime Minister said there was a need to move on - bringing together Kyoto, the US-led Asia-Pacific Climate Change Partnership, which includes China, India and Australia, the G8 climate change initiative and the UN-sponsored Montreal climate conference.

"There will be no resolution without a clear, disciplined framework for action, with measurable outcomes," he said in a widely praised address to a special joint sitting of federal parliament.

"And there will be no forgiving for any of us if we do not pay attention to the degrading and polluting of our planet."

Ohh no, Gaia is angry ! Destroy your cars, close your factories or else feel her vengeance !

It escapes me as to how so many world leaders and educated men are joining the cult of man-made global warming. Where do their fears and concerns come from ? Its certainly not from hard scientific evidence. There is no more evidence in favor of man-made global warming as there is to the contrary.

"Stars, not greenhouse gases, are heating up the Earth. So says prominent University of Ottawa science professor Jan Veizer..."

Cosmic rays are hitting us all the time -- a well-known fact. What's new is that researchers are asking what cosmic rays do to our world and its weather.

- Last year, the British science journal Proceedings of the Royal Society published a theory that cosmic rays "unambiguously" form clouds and affect our climate.

- Florida Tech and the University of Florida are jointly investigating whether cosmic rays are the trigger that makes a charged thundercloud let rip with lightning.

- In 2003, scientists from NASA and the University of Kansas suggested that cosmic rays "influence cloud formation, can affect climate and harm live organisms directly via increase of radiation dose," an effect they claim to trace over millions of years of fossil history.