Friday, March 31, 2006

The Greens want us all dead

No I'm not being hysterical. Its a rational conclusion formed when one observes that the outcome of Green policies can have a terrible toll on our supply of the most basic need - water.

In Brisbane, there is a drastic water shortage. They are facing the harshest water restrictions of any major Australian city.

Now when it gets to the point when something in high demand (like water) becomes extremely scarce, usually we would see the free market spring into action, as suppliers rush to build more dams and store more water.

But.. the Greenies continue to lobby governments to stop building dams, and it looks like we'll be facing a future full of scenarios like Brisbane:

Water pressure is to be turned down at night across southeast Queensland in a desperate bid to stop the region from running out of the precious resource. The dramatic step, with the potential to affect fire-fighting abilities in some areas and increase pumping costs for developers, is one of several conservation initiatives from a drought management taskforce. Without serious rain, experts predict the city will run out of water in August 2008 - even with tough stage three water restrictions to come in in May. The wet season is almost at an end. And the Brisbane City Council has been told there is a less than 50 per cent chance of above-median rainfall before the harsher restrictions take effect.