Monday, March 27, 2006

Commonwealth games blew $200mil+ on security

Theres nothing honorable about our thieving premier, Steve Bracks. He is a reckless spender:

SECURITY at Melbourne's Commonwealth Games cost taxpayers $119 million – more than double the Victorian Government's original budget allocation.

The Federal Government also spent $85 million on security, taking the total Australian bill on security for the Melbourne 2006 Games to $204 million.
The Vic ALP have gone into damage control mode, justifying the excessive spending on the Games by saying that it will in turn cover the costs by generating more revenue, i.e through tourism. Some fools may swallow this argument, but lets be realistic, we taxpayers just paid for hosting the equivalent of the world's biggest fanciest dinner party. The Commonwealth Games may be all grand and spectacular, but trying to sell it off as a golden goose is dishonest. Not everyone is falling for it though. At least our Kiwi neighbours appear to have more brains:
Sports Minister Trevor Mallard said the estimated $NZ1.5 billion ($A1.29 billion) cost of hosting the games in 2014 all but ruled out countries like New Zealand.
Well, the real test will be to see if people learn from their mistakes. Will the ALP continue to support and fund huge projects out of our taxes, or will they get back to handling the basic functions of government with an effort on giving us some tax relief ?