Thursday, March 02, 2006

Costello contradictions

What really makes my blood boil is when people are guilty of doublethink. When they say one thing and do another.. or when they say one thing and then contradict themselves.

Our Australian Treasurer, after speaking out against multiculturalism earlier this week, is now all in favor of affirmative action on other pet causes - women and childcare.

A week after speaking out on multiculturalism, he signalled greater spending on childcare and more women-friendly policies in the workplace.

Last month, Mr Costello broke from the Prime Minister in casting a conscience vote for a bill to remove the veto power of the health minister over the controversial RU486 abortion pill. The bill was passed with strong cross-party support from female members and senators.

Yesterday, Mr Costello denied Australia was a sexist country. "Australia is not a perfect place ... but, you know, are we bad by international standards? No.

So lets get this straight. We're not sexist, but we're going to treat women differently. Positive discrimination is still discrimination.

When you discriminate in favor of women, or funding childcare, you discriminate against those who weren't born female, or those who cannot or will not have children. After all, everybody pays taxes. Its only that those who have children receive most of the benefits of those taxes.

I hate the ALP right now. But Peter Costello is an idiot. The Aussie media are equally idiotic, they will swallow this populist crap in a positive light without identifying the negatives.

Reflecting on the past 10 years, the Treasurer claimed Australia had emerged from the despair of the recession in the early 1990s and was now treated with much greater respect by other countries. "The nation feels more secure about itself. This is the Australian revival," he said.
I recently attacked the opposition leader Kim Beazley over his usage of shallow catchphrases. Costello, with his discussion of "Australian values" and now "the nation feels more secure.." is just as bad, if not worse.