Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The new IR laws: Less regulation is better

"Our ABC" is trying to stir up discontent and panic at the government's new IR laws with this report about a woman simply named "Elizabeth" who lost her job:

A woman, known only as Elizabeth, says she was sacked after working at a small Tasmanian sports club for 10 years. Elizabeth says she had fallen behind in her job after doing the work of two people since a colleague resigned.
Strawman at the Australian Libertarian Society sums it up best with his usual wit and sarcasm:

Excellent! She was almost doing the work of two people, which means they are going to have to employ two people to replace her. One person loses a job, two people gain a job, net gain: one job. Little Johnny's IR laws have created their first job!

There is a catch though. Clearly there is an unemployed Tasmanian wandering around whose productivity is nearly twice that of the average worker, and who only expects a standard wage. A greedy capitalist employer's wet dream! Unfortunately all those greedy capitalists are unable to find her because the ABC only identified her as 'Elizabeth'. Every Tasmanian Elizabeth is probably fighting of job offers as you read this. 'no, sorry, it's not me, I'm just the garden-variety Elizabeth who takes extended smoking breaks and does her nails in company time'.

But it won't be long before the real Elizabeth is tracked down, and is once again placed in useful and productive employment.

.. assuming of course that employers believe that bastion of fair and objective reporting the Australian Broadcasting Commission. And why wouldn't they?