Monday, March 27, 2006

The Sunday Age, fit for toilet paper.

I'm staring now at a copy of yesterday's Sunday Age. On the front page is a huge pro-public-transport editorial with the headline: "From clear roads to gridlock: What's the lesson, Mr Bracks?". I've shown this paper to several people and asked them if they can identify any news content, facts or statistics in this front page article and sadly there are none to be found.

It amounts to a huge advertising space for journalist William Birnbauer to lobby the government to spend as much as it takes to make the already heavily subsidised and inefficient public transport system free. On the centre of the front page is a before and after photo, of Melbourne's King St traffic during peak hour. One photo shows King St with very little traffic, the other shows it bumper-to-bumper with many more trucks and cars. There is no scientific basis to this photograph, in fact the two photos are so completely polarised that its almost certain the editor instructed a photographer to "find" the right kind of evidence for him so that he can write a huge editorial.

The Sunday Age is a disgraceful socialist rag. There is very little news content in this paper, almost all of it is devoted to left-wing editorialising passed off as news.