Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The left's solution to government corruption is...

in one word, stupid.

Since so many different governments across the world are now in charge of more than ever, political parties are being more aggressively lobbied and funded than ever. This is just the natural result of giving them so much power and influence and regulation over our daily lives and our industries.

So first, lefties ask us to have a system of government that taxes and spends, regulates everything, all to make us a socially responsible democracy and to provide more welfare and public goods than ever. Then they cry foul when private individuals, the media, lobby groups or corporations try to lobby or finance political parties so that the regulation will not hurt them, or so that the regulation will actually protect them (e.g farmers around the world have tariff barriers to protect them against cheaper foreign competition).

So next they demand that all party donations are made public, as is the case in the U.S and now Britain since 1997. And whaddaya know, the donations don't stop, because everybody still has a huge vested interest in lobbying government.

Of course, the left aren't concerned that environmental activists and refugee advocates try to lobby government policy through media influence. They are only concerned that big evil capitalist corporations try to lobby political parties. So now, the only remaining solution for the left-wing worshippers of the nanny state, voiced by Johann Hari, is for political parties to be above the influence of billionairres and corporations by giving them, you guessed it....more public money :

The British government wants to shower away this mud by making all loans transparent. But they made donations public back in 1997, and all it has ensured is that our politicians are openly selling peerages rather than doing it secretly. The real solution was laid out in Helena Kennedy’s brilliant Power Commission a few weeks ago. She suggested that each voter should be asked to nominate a political party to receive three pounds of public funds a year.

Some people begrudge state funding, demanding to know, “Why should I pay for these people?” The obvious answer is: because if you don’t, billionaires will, and they will shaft you and your family in subtle ways for a very long time. Political parties are an essential part of our democracy. If you don’t want to pay for them, you might as well moan about having to pay for ballot papers and polling stations.
You hear that you stupid mob of sheep ? Don't worry about paying more money, just hand over the dough and democracy will work much better. We can all trust the benevolent politicians to represent "the peoples will" and do stuff in our favor if they all automatically receive money from us.

Don't swallow it ? Neither do I. The sooner social democracies fail and die off, and are replaced by liberal democracies, the better off the world will be.

The arrogance of these people makes my blood boil. If leftists resent being called elitists, then perhaps they could stop trying to tax and spend our money for us, and stop interfering with our private lives.