Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Victorian ALP has new bold ideas for your money !


THE Shrine would be transformed into one of the world's leading heritage museums under a $62 million plan to preserve the spirit of our armed forces.

Chambers beneath the Melbourne landmark would be developed into a hi-tech education centre to try to double visitor numbers to more than a million a year.
"There's a recognition at government level we need a renewed focus on values for young people," he said.
Well hey, after the Commonwealth Games, whats $62mil ? Its small change, I'm sure nobody will miss it. And as a reward, we get to "preserve the spirit of our armed forces". And hey, its all about "values" for young people so it must be worth it then.
[/sarcasm off]

Who needs an education centre, we have the internet already. If people want information, they can google it. $62 million is a lot of money. It takes thousands of families many months of savings to accrue that much in taxes. Its all going down the toilet now !

Governments are always self-righteous, and believe that good government means doing lots of big projects. They don't realise that individuals form voluntary partnerships and do big projects much more efficiently, and they have to satisfy the demands of the market to compete. They don't realise that stealing our savings and resources, and regulating our lives makes it so much harder for entrepeneurship to thrive in Victoria.

Go to hell Bracks, you thieving commie !