Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Commie games

Via Mangled Thoughts comes this story of extortion and theft by the Victorian government, who have seized the venue of the Melbourne Gun Club for 3 months so that they can host the Commonwealth Games shooting events.

The Bracks Junta and Ron Walker’s commie `major events Committee seized control of the property 3 months ago. So far, the club has lost:

3 months of revenue of at least $70,000. Part of that loss includes the loss of cancelling a major ISS standard competition has scheduled annually, this year’s this past weekend, which was transferred to another club. Deduct say, a generous $15,000 lost on the cancelled competition, leaving, say, an average underlying revenue from range fees and sales of ammo, targets, and sundry items, and that leaves an underlying monthly revenue of around $18,000/month revenues lost just for the 3 months to last week. The losses will be higher, of course, for the period of the commie Commonwealth games competition until the day the `govt.’ vacates the premises.$70,000 and still counting might not seem much, but it is a large hole in a shooting club’s annual budget.

Next, vandalism, and members are very cross over this too. Anyone who has visited the property, can see it is a well kept property covered in well trimmed grass. What the commie Games `venue organisers did’, was to dump tons of bark mulch around the viewing areas and gravel for `walkways’. That is next to the tin shacks and other temporary edifices the `organisers’ have splattered over the grounds in the vicinity of the clubhouse. The club is now in a fight to force Madden, Bracks, Walker et al to pay for cleaning up the garbage they have dumped on the grounds and make sure they do it thoroughly, including rectification of damage. A fight, because, as things now stand, it is very likely, the club will be stiffed for paying for that too.

I hope this story gains momentum, as it highlights the sheer authoritarianism of the Bracks government. It has usurped billions of our dollars in taxes to spend on the games, it has diverted police resources and congested public roads. Now it seizes property, all so we can "share the spirit" of the games.

Is there no limit to how much governments will violate our property and our freedoms if they believe its in "the national interest"?

Saddam Hussein's sons would rape and torture as many people as they pleased, "in the national interest". Adolf Hitler went to war and commited genocide against minorities "in the national interest". Stalin and Mao destroyed wealth, food, millions of lives "in the national interest".

"The national interest" is the language of tyrants. No government, no majority, no mob has the moral right to persecute, rob, or deny freedoms to any group, minority or even a single individual.

No national interest shall ever trump the rights of people to live in freedom and pursue happiness. Everyone may do as they please, so long as they don't infringe upon the rights and property of others.